Can I buy NutPunch for my Gym?

Sure, just call us now 631 505 1021. (West Babylon-NY) We have a special price for Gyms.

I am a personal trainer, how do I get NutPunch to my personal customers?

  We have a special a very good deal for Personal Trainers. Just call us now 631 505 1021 (West Babylon-NY).

Can I sell Nutpunch in my bicycle shop?

You Should, your customers will come back more often for the NutPunch super snack, and bringing the customers back always increase your chances of an extra sale,new helmets, new shoes, new shorts, new gloves, new bicycle…

Why is TerraNut different?

At Terranut we are very much concerned about your health, not just the shelf life of a product.

Is NutPunch manufactured by Terranut,Inc.?

YES, Terranut DOES NOT hire “third party” companies to manufacturer our products. We ONLY buy the best nuts and seeds on the market. We are a US company with a MADE in USA product.


YES. Most seeds and nuts are heat sensitive. Also, when nuts and seeds are out of their natural shells, they must be wrapped in such way that is PROTECTED FROM LIGHT and kept AIR TIGHT .

How fast do you ship, after I order it?

We make and ship the same day.

Remember, NO chemicals, No colors No Flavors added. Nutpunch is always fresh.

Can I buy NutPunch for my organic store?

Sure, just call us now 631 505 1021. (West Babylon-NY)

Is NutPunch certified organic ?

No, Nutpunch is NOT certified organic YET, we do use certified organic products. We also comply with the USDA organic certification standards. The USDA organic seal will only be on the Terranut products, after we are officially certified.