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Simple Ingredients. Plant Based. Nutrient Dense.

TerraNut - Bananas and Strawberries

Eat Clean. Feel Good.

Every time you eat something, it's an opportunity to nourish your body. Why not do it the right way. It’s time to stress the importance of optimal health.

All Natural. Cold-Pressed. Gluten Free.

Finally, an all natural, cold-pressed snack to give your body what it needs! It's time to #FuelYourLife

Shake Things Up!

Add a healthy ‘Punch of protein, fiber and flavor to your favorite shake or smoothie. Delicious!


I love TerraNut, not only for the taste but the size! I am never able to finish a protein or granola bar, & I never have that issue with TerraNut! I can throw a bunch of them in my bag & grab them when I need a snack, so or eat 3 for a small meal when on the go! These things rock and minimal ingredients! I have celiac disease and these have been fantastic for me and my active lifestyle.


Hi Samantha, I love the TerraNut PNut Punch products and I use them as energy along my 25-30 mile bike rides or when I'm spending the day out x-country skiing. Nothing but wholesome ingredients. Because I am diabetic, they certainly come in handy if i feel my blood sugar getting low while I'm out biking or skiing I'm so glad I stumbled upon them at a street fair in CT a few years back! Goodluck with your expansion!! 


Hi Samantha! Nut Punch are the perfect Go-to for a quick, healthy, delicious & satisfying snack. And now that I'm eating Keto. Nut punch is my daily lunch with a cup of coffee! You should try and break into the athletics world, maybe sending freebies to gyms or college athletics pgrms? Good Luck  


Hey Samantha, I love being able to grab a TerraNut when I'm running out the door. It's an easy treat that taste amazing. My favorite TerraNut is the PNut Punch. It's like eating a healthy peanut butter cup. I would love to see the PNut Punch drizzled with a little dark chocolate  


Love the travel size snack. My daughter who has Candida loved the low sugar snack that she said tasted like the inside of a Reece's Pieces!!


I use them when my excess coffee gets my stomach juices cranking,around 10:30 am! One good for a late lunch, BT


Here's My Try-It-And-I-Know-You'll-Love-It Guarantee...


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